Greetings in Anishinaabemowin: Ojibwe Language

Weweni bi'baayaak
Good travels

Biwaabmishnaang miinwaa
Come see us again

Celebrating Electrification

To commemorate the electric shuttle bus charging infrastructure's launch at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, PowerON Energy Solutions partnered with artist Roma Mare to create this artwork reflecting the land's history and its connection to the Indigenous community.

About the Artist

Roma Mare is a Mississauga (Anishinaabe)-Azorean (Portuguese) artist residing in the city of Mississauga and a member of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation.

She is currently a student attending Sheridan College for illustration. Pursuing studies in the arts has lead her closer to her career goals by allowing her to explore media, ideas, and style freely.

The Eagle as the Messenger

The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation is a part of the Mississauga (Michi Saagig) Nation. The Eagle, prominently featured in this artwork, serves as the primary totem for the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, symbolizing its role as a messenger. This majestic bird is also depicted as the emblem of the fifth Council fire on the Eternal Council Fire Belt, commonly known as the Yellowhead Belt. Perched atop a towering pine tree at the Credit, the Eagle signifies vigilance and the swift delivery of messages.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Artwork

Exceptional Travelers & Messengers

The eagle, with its keen sight and ability to fly great distances, was entrusted to watch over the Council Fires and relay messages to distant nations if it observed anything noteworthy.

Historically, the Mississaugas were renowned as exceptional messengers, sometimes travelling up to 130 kms on foot in a single day. 

The Story Behind the Artwork

PowerON and its parent company, Ontario Power Generation (OPG), respectfully acknowledge the land on which its generation facilities and other assets are located on the traditional territories of several nations, including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, and the Wendat peoples. These stations, along with their employees, host communities, and First Nation partners, are essential to producing clean, dependable power for Ontario.

Learn about OPG's Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan, a roadmap outlining our intention to partner with Indigenous communities, businesses, and organizations to advance Reconciliation.

Water is Sacred

The blue lines represent OPG’s 66 hydroelectric power plants across 24 river systems, which collectively make up 40% of the total power generating capacity. For Indigenous people, water is not just for hydration; it is sacred, alive, and possesses a spirit. Water is life.

Powering Life

The green line threading through the city represents the emissions-free electricity that powers modern life.

Emission Reduction at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Since 2010, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport has used renewable energy from Bullfrog Power, achieving zero indirect emissions from purchased electricity to power the airport operations. Further efforts to lower direct emissions included electrifying the Marilyn Bell ferry, cutting 530 tons of CO2 annually.

In 2023, Nieuport Aviation, the owner and operator of the terminal building at YTZ and the airport’s complimentary shuttle bus service, collaborated with PowerON Energy Solutions to add electric vehicle chargers to prepare for the arrival of six new electric shuttle buses to replace the existing fleet of diesel-powered buses.

About PowerON Energy Solutions

PowerON Energy Solutions architects, builds, and manages charging infrastructure to electrify and decarbonize transportation. As an OPG company, our goal is to connect fleet and transit customers to Ontario’s clean power grid to help build a more sustainable future.