Billy Bishop Airport Fleet Electrification

PowerON is deploying high-uptime and future-proof charging infrastructure at Billy Bishop Airport, to accelerate the transition to a zero-emissions electric bus shuttle fleet and slashing Scope 1 emissions.

PowerON Billy Bishop Airport Electrification Infrastructure for Fleets

Fleet Charging Infrastructure

PowerON is planning and building charging infrastructure at Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport to support the operation of an incoming fleet of six electric buses, enabling a quieter and more sustainable shuttle service for the city’s downtown and waterfront communities.

The Path to Fleet Electrification

In the pursuit of achieving sustainability and mitigating the environmental footprint, Nieuport Aviation has joined forces with the TOK Group of Companies to revolutionize the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport’s shuttle operations. They aim to undertake a landmark transition from diesel-powered vehicles to electric by integrating six state-of-the-art electric buses into their fleet this year. This integration is set to render the transportation between Union Station and the airport terminal emissions-free. Moreover, it is poised to offer passengers a quieter and more comfortable travel experience.

Nieuport Aviation is the operator of the passenger terminal at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, which boasts numerous accolades and awards. In its multi-faceted operations, Nieuport Aviation extends a complimentary bus shuttle service to passengers, facilitating a seamless connection between the airport and downtown Toronto. This service is managed and operated by the TOK Group of Companies.

The TOK Group of Companies is an organization with a rich history spanning nearly five decades. It has built a legacy on the provision of unparalleled, high-quality services to a myriad of public and private organizations. With an expansive portfolio in the transit, urban mobility, and charter tour industries, TOK has established itself as an industry leader in passenger mobility.

This strategic alliance between Nieuport Aviation and TOK is expected to set a benchmark in airport ground transportation by marrying advanced electric technology with exceptional service. The fleet electrification demonstrates a committed stride toward a cleaner and greener future, reflecting the growing cognizance of and commitment to environmental stewardship within the aviation and transportation sectors.

Initiating the Electrification Process

In 2022, TOK undertook a rigorous market analysis to identify potential suppliers who could provide the chargers, orchestrate the installation, engineer the requisite infrastructure, and commission and maintain the equipment over a span of 10 years. Furthermore, TOK engaged in close collaboration with the bus Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to pinpoint the optimal charging systems. This evaluation was grounded on an array of factors encompassing battery sizes, route profiles, downtime, frequency of starts and stops, average route speeds, and the integration of regenerative braking systems, particularly in the context of the bustling traffic in Downtown Toronto.

PowerON Spearheading the Electrification Rollout

With a robust preliminary assessment and blueprint at hand, it was imperative to select a partner with the expertise and vision to lead the electric transformation. PowerON Energy Solutions emerged as the frontrunner amongst four viable candidates. The company was entrusted with the responsibility to strategize and construct the charging infrastructure essential for supporting the operations of the imminent fleet of six electric buses. This strategic selection enabled the realization of a quieter and more sustainable shuttle service, catering to the transportation needs of Toronto’s downtown and waterfront communities, while exemplifying commitment to environmental stewardship.

Enabling Cleaner, Greener and Quieter Transportation Solutions

PowerON Billy Bishop Airport DC Fast Charger

Partnership with PowerON

PowerON was commissioned not only to execute the strategic planning and installation of DC fast-charging equipment at both the airport and maintenance facilities in Mississauga but also to undertake an exhaustive analysis and validation of the preliminary assessment conducted by TOK. This additional step was crucial in ascertaining the feasibility and viability of the proposed electrification project.

The analysis recommended a flexible and economical charging solution to meet the fleet's operational needs. Alongside the technical aspects, PowerON effectively managed a multifaceted web of stakeholder relationships, encompassing tenants, landlords, and two additional permitting entities. This skillful handling of relationships was key to the project’s smooth advancement, on time and on budget completion.

Furthermore, PowerON took the initiative to the next level by leading a successful funding application on behalf of the client. This culminated in securing a substantial grant valued at approximately $100,000.

In essence, PowerON played an indispensable role in both validating the groundwork laid by the preliminary assessment and spearheading the practical implementation, ensuring that the project was grounded in technical feasibility, operational pragmatism, and financial sustainability. Through this collaboration, PowerON affirmed its commitment and expertise in facilitating a transformative shift towards greener transportation solutions.

Project Highlights

Leveraging our deep expertise in electrification, PowerON successfully implemented high-uptime and future-proof charging infrastructure at Billy Bishop Airport.

In our commitment to flexible, efficient, and adaptable operations, we iterated on charger locations and technologies, designing a charging solution that utilizes the natural idle vehicle time. This minimized the impact of electric vehicles on operations, ensuring the charging infrastructure could accommodate evolving demands. Moreover, our strategic placement of the charger infrastructure led to a significant $50k in construction savings. This innovative design also allowed us to deliver the project punctually and under budget. All this was achieved with minimal disruption, even within the confines of a space-limited airport environment.

Architect & Plan
Adaptable and Flexible Fleet Charging Infrastructure

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Design optimization with over $50K in cost savings

Manage & Optimize
Optmized charging to reduce the impact on operations

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