Cogeco Fleet Electrification

PowerON developed and planned Cogeco's electrification roadmap, initiating the long-term transformation to an emissions-free fleet. With the implementation of the first phase, Cogeco is ready to integrate the incoming fleet of electric vehicles into service.

Fleet Electrification Net Zero

A vision for net-zero

In alignment with Cogeco's ambitious climate action goal of slashing operational emissions by 65% before 2030, PowerON has completed a comprehensive Strategic Fleet Electrification Roadmap. This covers the electrification of Cogeco's entire fleet of over 1000 vehicles across Ontario, Quebec, and multiple US states.

Powering Cogeco’s Growing Electric Fleet

Pathway to Electrified and Decarbonized Fleet Transportation

To achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, full fleet electrification is an important step on Cogeco's sustainability journey. PowerON is committed to delivering the necessary charging infrastructure to enable this transition by 2035. We have developed an electrification roadmap to ensure that the plan aligns with Cogeco's ambitious emissions reduction goals while enabling a cost-effective and future-proof rollout. Electrification will play a crucial role in meeting Cogeco's greenhouse gas (GHG) targets, as the existing fleet is responsible for 38% of Cogeco's greenhouse gas emissions.

Project Highlights

PowerON's strategic roadmap for fleet electrification is designed to meet Cogeco’s GHG emissions targets in the most cost-effective manner, all while ensuring geographical coverage to reliably service the communities depending on their services.

Our plan serves as a strategic guide, encompassing total cost of ownership, charging analysis, change management, training guidance, and emissions reductions forecasting. By rolling out a phased fleet electrification approach at multiple depots, we aim to achieve electrification at scale for Cogeco. This effort is bolstered by leveraging visibility into Cogeco's long-term plan, which enables us to reduce capital costs over time through the implementation of future-proof and energy-optimized electrification infrastructure.

Architect & Plan
Strategic guide for long term electrification success

Build & Create
Phased electrification plan at multiple depots

Manage & Optimize
CapEx reduction and future-proof infrastructure

Why Choose PowerON

Continuity & Confidence

As an OPG company, with a century-long legacy, we're committed to standing beside our customers in the long run, supporting every step of the multi-year electrification transformation journey. Powering a Greener Decarbonized Fleet Future.


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