A Powerful & Enduring Partnership

PowerON is an OPG Company, one of North America’s largest green electricity producers with $63 billion in power generating assets. We help power the path to your fleet decarbonization with electrification.

Why Partner with PowerON

When you work with us, you gain more than electrification: you secure unmatched expertise, unwavering support, and a future-proof charging infrastructure. Electrification is a journey and you want a partner who is committed to standing beside you in the long run, supporting every step of the multi-year electrification transformation. 

An OPG Company
North America's largest green electricity producer

Continuity & Confidence
$63 Billion in nuclear and hydro power generating assets

Unrivalled Experience
$1 Billion+ in EV alliance contracts extending to 2040

PowerON Architects and Plans Electrification Infrastructure Projects

Electrification Within Your Budget

Budget constraints? No problem. We helped many customers overcome that by securing incentives and grants.

Our Electrification-as-a-Service model and attractive financing solutions significantly lowers CapEx and OpEx.

PowerON Builds and Creates Electrification Infrastructure

Real-world Experience, Not Just Talk

Operational uptime is essential. PowerON has over $1.5 Billion in long-term EV alliance contracts extending through 2040.

Trust in a partner who's been in the trenches and leading the largest electrification projects in North-America.


The Clock is Ticking: Act Now to Save

Delaying could be costly. From missed funding to lost business opportunities as customers prioritize eco-friendly partners that take concrete actions on emissions reduction.

Due to prolonged lead times for essential components and rising costs, starting your electrification journey now ensures you stay on track and lock in lower prices today.

PowerON Continuity & Support for Operational Uptime

Business Continuity & Confidence

In the fast-changing electrification landscape, companies come and go. But your business demands a partner with permanence and continuity.

With PowerON, backed by OPG's century-long legacy, you're not just acquiring a solution - you're gaining a reliable ally for the entire duration of your electrification journey.

Together, we'll shape a greener, decarbonized future for your fleet.

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