Clients & Partners

Transit Agencies

PowerON collaborates with transit agencies to build a decarbonized transportation future powered by green electricity. Every transit agency is unique and our custom engineered electrification solutions are tailored to their operational needs. Our expertise covers the design, build, procurement, operations, maintenance, ownership, and energy management of electrification infrastructure.

Contracted Projects Through 2040

PowerON, together with our clients and partners, is leading the largest fleet electrification initiatives in North America, extending through 2040. Together we will decarbonize transportation, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment for future generations.

Heavy Duty Fleet Vehicles Electrified

15+ Depots
Electrification Infrastructure Roll-out

150 MW+
Clean Electricity, Displacing Diesel and Emissions

Fleet Operators

PowerON works with fleet operators to enable zero-emissions transportation of goods and people. From passenger shuttle fleet to last mile freight delivery, PowerON provides turn-key, future-proof and scalable electrification solutions kick start our fleet operator's electric transition journey.

Our Partners

Our partners are world leaders in the EVSE, energy, and fleet management sectors. With our custom-engineered approach, we bring together the best of their solutions. This ensures you get top-tier technology, service, and support for the evolution of your electric fleet.


Let’s get your electric fleet ready to go.