February 15, 2024
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Accelerating Fleet Electrification with the Electric Vehicle Charging Connection Procedures (EVCCP)

Toronto, February 16, 2024 – PowerON Energy Solutions welcomes the introduction of the Electric Vehicle Charging Connection Procedures (EVCCP) by the Ontario Energy Board.

Until now, commercial fleet customers have encountered complexities and variability when connecting EV charging infrastructure to the grid across different utility jurisdictions in Ontario. The challenges include navigating the unique procedures, requirements, and timelines of 55 licensed electricity distributors, each with its own set of regulations. The diversity in connection processes has resulted in unnecessary friction and unpredictability, potentially slowing the rate of electric vehicle adoption among fleets.

The Ontario Energy Board's introduction of the Electric Vehicle Charging Connection Procedures (EVCCP) provides welcome clarity for commercial fleet operators. This initiative standardizes and harmonizes the connection process across all licensed electricity distributors, making the deployment of charging infrastructure easier, more predictable, and more efficient. By offering a consistent set of steps, requirements, and timelines, the EVCCP is expected to facilitate a smoother connection process and support the broader adoption of electric vehicles across all sectors.

PowerON Energy Solutions is committed to supporting our customers through this transition and leveraging the EVCCP to accelerate the electrification of commercial and public fleets across Ontario. We believe this will not only benefit our customers but also contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the advancement of sustainable transportation solutions.

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